2 for 1 Obsession: Finger Nail Rings

You know how I’m obsessed with nail polish and jewelry? Well I think it’s only natural that I would be obsessed with finger nail rings. I’ve been loving this one on the left from Bijules for a while now.
Finger Nail Rings
It would, make it hard to type, so I’m thinking the ones on the right are a better match for my day-job lifestyle. They are also a fraction of the price. What say you?

Would you wear them or do you think I’m gonzo?

4 Responses to 2 for 1 Obsession: Finger Nail Rings

  1. Interesting. I’ve never seen or heard of such a thing. I’d be tempted to try to slide them the rest of the way down my finger or take them off and play with them. lol