Accessorize Like a Superhero

Sometimes the world knocks you down. Sometimes, responding to the amount of email in your inbox feels like a herculean task. Sometimes, you gain a few pounds. Sometimes, your friend discovers that your salary along with everyone else you work with is public knowledge, and yours? Well, it’s the lowest. You may be tempted to crawl into a tiny ball under your bed. You may be tempted to slap the salary report on your bosses desk and watch him squirm. Or whatever. Might I suggest an alternative?
Asos Slim Double Cuffs
It might seem silly, but slap on some double cuffs, put your hands on your hips, take a deep breath and connect with your Wonder Woman.
Asos Thick Double Cuffs
Thick or thin, I believe the right accessories can remind you of your inner Superhero. Hell, maybe just looking at them will remind you of that feeling you had when you were a kid and you knew, just knew that you kicked ass. Do I put too much faith in my accessories?
Asos Smooth Hinged Ponytailer
Just TELL me you wouldn’t feel sassier in that swinging pony tail.

So throw on what makes you feel good, maybe it isn’t Wonder Woman related, and instead of demanding more money because your coworkers get it, do your job well and consider if you really want to do it. Because if you need more money to make it worth your time, it might not be the right career for you. There are things you would do for free and you are better off putting your energy there. But maybe not, what do I know? Maybe you need a tiara and to ask for a raise.
Diamonte Tiara

Me? I’m going with cat ears.
Asos Cat Ear Headband


[All images via Asos]

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