All Things Creative Part 1

Remember last week when I unveiled my personal happiness project on the be happy link up blog hop and set my resolutions for November? Well, I haven’t done so well, and yet I have. November’s theme is – All Things Creative. and as far as a theme has gone, I have done really well.
North Tile
While I was in Chicago I visited The Art Institute of Chicago and The Museum of Contemporary Art. It was so amazing. It really reminded me that I have to apply to volunteer at The Utah Museum of Fine Art. I am doing that this weekend, or else.  I fell in love with the Bouroullec exhibit. It was the first time modern design has felt, well, magical to me. The other awesome thing about Chicago was that I was able to rub shoulders with some of the most creative women in blogging. It was everything I thought it would be and more.
DIY Handpiece & Cat
When I got home, I dove right back into blogging and jewelry making by designing this hand piece. I had to include the pic of Tut because, you know, he is always helping out so much. The tutorial is a part of contest that will hopefully lead to me teaching a jewelry design camp at Alt Summit in January. So shameless plug, please go repin this right now and help a sista out.
DIY Beaded Hand Piece
Now as far as my actually resolutions go…. it’s a mixed bag.

  1. NaNoWriMo – Write every day. Well, that has fallen to the wayside. I’m super behind but I am determined to catch up over the weekend.
  2. Create Every Day – This one has been going a lot better. Every day I have been able to work on something creative, sometimes it’s a blog post, sometimes it’s been writing and sometimes it’s been working a new piece of jewelry.
  3. Stand on my head – Luckily, I feel like I have been forced to do this because I can’t say I would have been doing it on my own. Bloggy Boot Camp in Chicago made me completely rethink they way I use social media. It also made me realize that as a blogger, making money on my blog is not the only way to make money as a blogger. The other thing I am really proud of this week, as far as seeing things differently, was using the clasp in my  hand piece in a new way. Instead of linking it to a specific jump ring on the hand piece, it goes around the chain and creates a more fluid piece of jewelry. I love it.

So 2/3… I think I can feel pretty good about this week.  Especially if I meet my extra weekend goals this week of applying to volunteer at the UMFA and catching up my NaNoWriMo word count.

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And please, tell me what you’re doing to get creative? Any head stands?

5 Responses to All Things Creative Part 1

  1. So what else did you learn at Bloggy Boot Camp? Aren’t those types of getaways inspiring? I come back with a zillion notes and goals and to-do’s. I STILL have things from ALT last January that I have yet to implement. But I DID do a lot already.

    Creative things for me this week? Went out and shot street photography for three hours. And had some photographs from the previous week critiqued. And worked on an essay that’s going to be published. It’s all good fun…