And so, begins my Cat-A-Log, meet my kiddos.

I tweet, tumble and instagram a lot about my fur-kids so I thought it might be time to start blogging about them fo’ reals. They are uncommonly awesome. I would also like to share because I’ve had some behavior problems with one of my babies and I’m learning a lot about cat behavior from reading Pat Johnson-Bennett. The more I learn, the better life with my kitties gets and so, I thought I would cat-a-log (I am DYING laughing at myself right now) the progress of their behavior and some of the other kitties I work with. So now and again, expect an update about how they are all doing.

By kitties that I work with, I’m referring to my office cats and I’m also supposed to help a very sweet 93-year-old woman socialize her semi-feral cat. I’m no expert so wish me luck on that. The goal is to be able to get the cat groomed and to the vet. I think some clicker training is in order for this. If it works with wild animals, it will work for a cat.

Back to the main topic of this post, meet my kiddos. Our family consists of an elderly lionhead rabbit, Buckley who is very camera-shy.

Trina True, my soul-mate (sorry BF), a 12-year-old domestic medium hair cream tabby. I adopted her from my work. She was in our program for a year and even though she is GORGEOUS, people weren’t interested in her because of her age. She’s the Mary Poppins of cats, practically perfect in every way. But I’m not biased or anything.
Trina in the window.
King Tut, my tutter-butter, an 8-year-old tuxedo gray domestic medium hair. He was a stray kitty our friends were feeding. The picture below is from when I picked him up at their apartment building. He is kind of a dick to Trina sometimes and that is what spurred my interest in cat behavior. There is NO WAY I’m giving him up so we’re learning how to work it out; he has his own bedroom at the moment.
King Tut in the car
And Jax, BF’s soul-mate, a 4 year-old Boston Terrier. No, we didn’t get him from a breeder. Pure bred dogs end up homeless too. If you ever meet Jax in real life, you won’t believe that he is the same dog in this picture. Jax is HY. PER.
Jax in the chair

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  1. I just came across your blog and can really relate. We adopted our extremely handsome boy Smartie about 3 years ago and he is a handful. He also has his own bedroom, he gets locked up at night and when we leave for more than a couple hours, We have to do this because he scratches everything and lays on our bed and gets fur everywhere. I grew up with 3 wonderful kitties and they were allowed alomost everywhere so this is very weird for me. He has improved a since being “locked up”, of course by locked up he gets to have a comfy pillow and ledge to sleep on and gets fed a small amount to lure him in…. Best of luck with your fur babies