Be generous.

christmas tree
Welcome back to my happiness project! It’s a new month, fresh, with no mistakes on it. Sorry all, I’m feeling very Anne of Green Gables today. My focus for the month of December is on generosity. It made sense to me when I was plotting out my happiness project that December should focus on giving since I was planning on giving lots of Christmas presents to loved ones anyways. Oh, but how life loves to get in the way.

Last week I learned at my condo HOA meeting that the building required a renovation that was going to cost over a million dollars. You heard me, over one million dollars. Now, I only own 1/33 of the building so I am only required to pay 1/33 of 1.2 mil or something around $36,363. We have 15 years to pay it but still, talk about a blow to the holiday giving plans. It was a really emotional meeting. The HOA board did not want to deliver that kind of news but they have been looking at it for over 2 years now so we all sort of knew it could be coming. Of course everyone just wants to sell their unit, but with the economy as it is and the repairs that need to be done.. I mean really, who sees a sinking ship and thinks, “I want one!”

My first thought was about my project, how I am going to be generous when I am really not in the position to buy anything but necessities? I took a deep breath and realized that this is actually an opportunity for creativity disguised as shit-ass news. (Sorry mom, I’m cutting back on the potty mouth but hopefully you get this one.) That’s right, this isn’t actual bad news, bad news would be the building blowing up and people getting hurt. See how I turned that upside-down?

So dear friends, here is my plan to be generous, without being fiscally irresponsible this month. Because bills? Baby, they don’t make anybody happy.

  1. Gift creatively. I’m not sure why I didn’t think of this before but not to brag, but I know my strengths, and DIY? Well, it’s one of them. I can make things for my friends and family and I’m sure most of them will like that more than say, some scented body cream.
  2. Think generously. Confession time, I’m pretty quiet for the most part and a generally nice person. But more often that I would like to admit there is a nasty B inside my head that thinks not very nice things about people. Luckily, she doesn’t think out loud but it’s still something that I would be happier without. And as much as I want to think that judgmental stuff doesn’t come out in my actions, I would probably be a lot nicer if that part of me just shut up.
  3. Listen. One thing that I have plenty to give is my attention and attentiveness, so this month, I am really going to focus on being a good listener.

Any other creative ways I can be generous?

6 Responses to Be generous.

  1. Oh wow, lady, this is crazy inspiring. That’s some srsly sucky news and your ability to turn it around, into an opportunity to get creative is nothing short of amazing. I mean, this is like Deepak Chopra level (I heart him). I love your plan to be generous… and one of your diys would be 100x better than body cream šŸ™‚

  2. Oh boo- hate bills, and unexpected ones at that! I’m sorry about the timing too but I’m so impressed by the way you are turning it around! Plus I totally agree with Erin – you are a DIY queen. You got this! xo

  3. I love that you still have the heart to be generous even in the midst of a potential struggle. I think your list of creative ways to be generous without spending money is so spot on. Oftentimes the best gifts come from our hearts, not our wallets šŸ™‚

  4. Life is expensive enough as it is so I can’t imagine getting that kind of blow so close to the holidays. I’m so very sorry to hear about that šŸ™ That being said, I love your outlook on life and think it’s wonderful that you are thinking of ways to save a bit here and there. Plus, everyone loves a DIY gift if it comes from the heart šŸ™‚ SO much better than a pair of socks with horses on them.

    Thanks, too, for leaving a comment on my blog so I could stop here. I know what you mean exactly. My bf is a vegan (I’m a veggie) and I don’t think I could ever date someone who wasn’t at least a veggie. I just… get grossed out at the idea of cooking meat and traveling is so much simpler when you’re with someone who has the same dietary restrictions. Thanks so much for stopping by so I could check out your beautiful blog!