Be Healthy, Be Happy.

Be Healthy, Be Happy.
Hello Friends! I decided to rework my happiness project a little this month. I was going to focus on family in March but when I came down with the cold to rule them all, I decided to focus on my health this month. At the end of February I was getting some really bad pains in my lungs. I went to instacare to make sure I wasn’t dying of cancer and after checking me for all sorts of things they diagnosed me with pleuritis, which basically means my lungs are inflamed and hurt and there is nothing to be done about it. Then I came down with the mother of chest colds. Anyways, to get to the point, the whole thing has been a shit show because I don’t currently have a primary care physician. You see, I am terrified of doctors. I straight up hate going,

I have decided that March is the month to face this demon and get myself super healthy. Now, for the resolutions:

  1. Start checking out doctors, ideally I would like to find a primary care physician I like by the end of the month.
  2. The Perfect Health 21 Day Meditation Challenge with Deepok Chopra and Oprah (Thanks Erin for this find! It’s not too late to sign up yet if you are interested in joining in, it starts March 11.)
  3. May Cause Miracles Conference with Gabrielle Bernstein, it’s online, free and runs March 25-29.
  4. Green juice, every day. I ate horribly in February, that’s all changing in March.
  5. Divorce Coffee, this one is inspired by my friend Nicolette over at Momnivore’s Dilemma, you can read about her break up with coffee here, she’s amaze, you’ll love her. Just a lil fyi, I’m on day 7 of no brew, go me!

I’m still working my way through May Cause Miracles and I’m still loving it.

What challenges are you working on this month?

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15 Responses to Be Healthy, Be Happy.

  1. Ugh, I absolutely hate doctors, too. However, I’m on the same page with you! In January I started noticing some intense back pains then came stomach problems.. It’s just a huge mess and unfortunately I have to get it taken care of. So, I’m on to two doctors next week. Not looking forward to it, but we gotta take care of ourselves! I hope that you start feeling better soon, and good luck with all of your goals! πŸ™‚

  2. WOW! I am trying to work on all this stuff – thanks to finally getting new health insurance this month. I am so excited and nervous about the meditation thing since I’m a total newbie. Can you tell me your green juice? So many people do different kinds and I’m trying to get into the habit of it. I commend you for breaking up with coffee and it is something I know I will never be able to kick – my doctors also said it’s healthier for me TO drink it so I’m running with that!

    • Lately I’ve been drinking: 2 cucumbers (peeled if not organic), 4 celery stalks, 1 head of broccoli + stem, 1 handful of spinach, 1 inch of ginger, 5 leaves of kale + 2 green apples. If you are new to juicing I would start with plain cucumber and add in veggies from there as you get used to the flavor. I try to keep it to a ratio of at least 4 veggies to one piece of fruit. Sometimes I trade out apples for pears. I like green apples because they are tart but sometimes it’s nice to have it sweeter.

  3. Hahaha, I don’t have a primary care dr either. The last one I had was before college – then I would go to the health center if I needed anything – and she recently retired, so now I have to find a new one, but there are so many other things I would rather be doing.

  4. Good luck with your search and goals! I had to get a tooth pulled a few days ago. Luckily I don’t fear doctors (though I have plenty of other fears) and it didn’t hurt as bad as I thought it might. Right now I’m just focusing on healing properly.

  5. Just being more consistent with everything. And preparing for an 8K. πŸ™‚

    A primary care doctor is important. Find one you like!

  6. I have been traveling for work like a maniac and I got sick at the end of my Denver trip and only had two days before my next trip to recuperate. I just got home again and am STILL sniffling and hacking! Traveling, especially for work, makes it more difficult to eat well. I feel like total crap! I had a gigantic green juice today and plan to continue at least one green juice daily until my next trip (in a week) and then a possible juice fast when I’m back home for a bit. I have been breaking up and getting back together with coffee since the beginning of the year. Again, I blame the traveling. When I’m home I don’t drink it- I drink tea- but when I travel I find I’m drawn to it for some reason and drink way too much. I need to give it up for good. I think I need to give up alcohol for good too. It never makes me feel good (only for the moment). I always end up feeling sick even if I only have one glass of wine or one beer. It clearly doesn’t sit well with my body chemistry anymore….

    Thanks for this timely post! πŸ™‚

  7. Sorry about this little funk you’re in. I hope that you find a doctor that makes you comfortable. I love the title of the post though. You have a lot set up to assist with getting there and staying there. Good luck this month my friend. I’m going to focus on a little bit healthier eating as usual!

  8. Coffee is my friend…I have one in the morning and one during he day. I love it so much! Gah…

    Otherwise I’m a pretty clean eater. It makes SUCH a difference to my day if I’m hydrated.

  9. Oh my gawd, SO excited for the May Cause Miracles conference!! Cannot wait. You are such a boss, I’m so inspired by your decision to take charge of your health. Deepak would hella proud πŸ˜› Thank you for sharing your green juice recipe btw, I definitely want to start making them. xo