Looking Back – Best of The Blog

Best of? Or perhaps it should be called most popular? Year in review? Now that is more like it. In any case here is a list of the most popular posts. The older posts had an advantage over newer posts when I compared clicks so I did a combination of the most clicks and the most commented.

Thank you all so much for to every single one of you that has ever visited my blog, it means the world to me that you’ll take time of your day to spend some time in my space. Double and triple thanks to those of you that leave a comment, it’s how I now you are really out there and I’m not just yelling out into a void.

Looking back, this has been a great year, I don’t remember all of my resolutions but I do remember two of them and I did pretty well on both of them.

  1. Eat more veggies. Thanks to my spiralizer, juicing and my pho obsession, I did pretty well on this.
  2. Blog consistently. This blog has been around for well over two years but I don’t think I ever managed more than one post a month if that.

I feel okay if I dropped off others because I’ve had my happiness project to keep me busy. How did you do on your resolutions? Did I miss any of your favorite posts?

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