Paint It Black

I’m all for color but every once in a while. I just want it all to go black. Only black. Luckily, it’s October and you can get away with everything from black lips and nails to veils. PS If any of you find the Lime Crime Opaque lipstick in Styletto, please notify me immediately or send me a tube, I’ll be your friend forever.
Black must haves for Fall.
Would it be wrong to wear a back pack with a party dress? I’m thinking that it sounds like a good idea to me. So here’s what we’ve got, going clockwise from the top: BLACK MAJOR MINI DRESS by: AQ/AQ // Nora Earrings by: Dara Ettinger // Heart Bracelet by: tuleste market // Packable Backpack by: Marc by Marc Jacobs // Drew Metallic Oxford Black by: Cri De Coeur //  Sammy Strappy Laceup Platform Sandal by: Cri De Coeur

Now tell me, are you ready to party?

In case you didn’t get enough.

4 Responses to Paint It Black

  1. Me too, black is one of my favorite colors, plus I always shop for black/grey/melange/white fashion because it suits everything else with colorful shoes or even nude shoes. I don’t like bright or different colors…that’s how it ends up in my closet for years. 🙁

  2. I love black and wear it all the time. With my almost black hair and dark features, black just looks better than most colors! Plus you can never go wrong with a little black dress.