{Cat-A-Log} Hairballs, a lesson in personal space.

Remember when I told you Ms. Trina was practically perfect? Remember how I extolled her sweetness in taking care of me when I was down for the count with the stomach flu?

Me and my girl.
She got me back. I was asleep with her laying on my chest as she likes to do, when she tried to get up. I was not done cuddling so I stopped her. Big mistake. She turned to look at me and puked up a HUGE hairball in my face and all over my hair. It was one hairy little mess. The bright side was that it was all on me and not the sheets. Washing my bedding at 1 am would have been a real drag, a shower was much easier.

Let this be a lesson to all of us, when a cat wishes to get off your lap, let them.

In other news, I’m no longer a redhead. It only took two trips to the stylist, but I am back to blonde.

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