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{Holiday Mani} Chancer by Butter London

This was going to be a Mani Monday post but then I realized that I needed to give you all time to go out and purchase this fabulous color. Chancer is a clear read loaded with tiny red sparkles. I was sure I was going to need three coats to get the glitter coverage that I wanted. I guess I had forgotten how bomb Butter London is because that’s just crazy, two coats is fab!
Chancer by Butter London, glittery red nail polish
You can find Butter London at ULTA, Nordstrom, and here.

{Mani Monday} Secession x NCLA Collab = Ikat

Sometimes really beat up hands require extra special nails. Now that event season is over at work, I’m excited to get back to my regular blogging and nail care schedule. I’ve been wanting to try nail wraps for a while but I couldn’t figure out which ones would be cruelty-free and vegan. I’m going to go ahead and assume that NCLA’s are safe because they’ve partnered with PETA on a hounds tooth bunny design. For whatever reason, today was an Ikat day, not a leaping bunny day.

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{Mani Monday} Happi by Zoya

Hello everyone! Hope you’re having an awesome Labor Day weekend. Meet my right hand and the lovely Zoya nail color, Happi. I almost chopped my left  thumb off gathering tomatoes in our garden so I thought I would try to spare you the band-aid shot. Happi is another douchrome from the Reverie collection. The golden shimmer gives it an almost peachy look in the sunlight. While I know she never had anything as shimmery as Happi, I can’t help but feel like Betty Draper when I wear it.

Happie by Zoya swatch