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DIY Asymmetrical Earrings

One of my favorite trends in jewelry this season is asymmetrical earrings. Of course, you don’t have to follow this DIY to get a pair, just mix and match some of your favorite earrings.

This week has been a bit of an emotional roller coster for me and I’m starting to feel a bit like I have two selves. The self that believes God is love, meditates and all that good stuff, and the self that is undergoing an existential crisis (long story). I want to live in the light and be positive all the time but I also have a part of myself that really struggles with depression. Sometimes, I feel like I would do better to accept that side of myself and own it instead of trying to deny it. So here’s to owning it. If you could distill my current brain into a pair of earrings, this would be it. And, they took under 30 minutes to make. And that’s what you came for right, a DIY and not therapy session, so, let’s get our dual personalities on…

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You’re Invited to PRESENT


For the first time ever, I’ll be showing and selling my artwork and jewelry at a live event! I’m so excited to be a part of RAWartists event in Salt Lake City. You can get tickets here. It’s Saturday February 19th but I recommend getting your tickets by Thursday February 12th to make sure the event doesn’t sell out. There will be live music, fashion, artwork and more… Basically everything that is awesome. If you aren’t in Salt Lake City you should still check out their website because they hold events like this all over the country.

What are your favorite artist events?

{DIY} Spike Necklace

DIY Spike Necklace

Confession time. I’ve had three strands of these beads in my stash for months. Honestly, I’ve been meaning to do a DIY with them forever but every time I tried, using the full strand was just, too much. This version, with sections of the spikes, is much more wearable and layer-able (not actually a word by important for jewelry lovers!) than a full strand of the spiked beads.

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{DIY} Perler Bead Bracelets

DIY Perler Bead Bracelets | typical house catConfession time. Guys, I have been seriously obsessed with Perler beads lately. There is something very nostalgic for me about placing the beads on the peg board and then ironing them out. I could do it all day long, it’s like really inexpensive therapy. After making a lifetime supply of coasters, I finally moved on to my tried and true craft, jewelry. Today I’m featuring Perler bead bracelets, no iron required. Comeback throughout the rest of the week for more Perler bead jewelry tutorials. Continue Reading

{DIY} Friendship Earrings

DIY Friendship Earrings
As promised yesterday, here is a tutorial to make some friendship earrings inspired by frieda&nellie, they are super simple to make and won’t take you long at all. I think they are actually faster to make than a full bracelet so make some extra pairs for your girls.
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{DIY} Faceted Pinky Ring

I’ve been taking an awesome epoxy clay artistry class from Craftsy. If you want to know all of the details about working with the epoxy clay to make jewelry, I would really recommend taking the class, it’s very in-depth. I loved it so much that I became an affiliate for Craftsy. Anyways, there is my disclaimer.

DIY Faceted Ring Made from Epoxy Clay

This is a really simple ring to make and it doesn’t require much. I found the pictured epoxy clay at Michael’s on sale as a closeout for $1.99. Be warned, the color lightens up a lot when you mix it with this brand. I was hoping for a nice emerald color but it ended up being more of a mint. The brand I usually use, Apoxie Sculpt, doesn’t change color as much when you mix it.Continue Reading