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Save Our Parks

Often we don’t appreciate what we have until we are about to lose it, or even worse until we actually do. For me, that’s living in Utah. I’ve been here my entire life and been trying to leave for as long as I can remember. I love the natural beauty I’m surrounded by, the national and state parks and nearby access to everything outdoors. But up until January 21st, 2017, I would have traded it all in heart beat for a big city with an arts scene.

Within the first few days of the republican regime, I saw several pieces of legislation supported by all of Utah’s congressmen that would endanger our public lands and National and state parks. I’ve always known that as a little blueberry in a big red state that I rarely agreed with my representatives but as I started making daily calls to them, I realized that not only do we not agree, they aren’t interested in listening to their constituents or protecting Utah land or jobs. For the first time in my life, I found myself on the same side as hunters and fisherman and we begged our representatives to keep public lands safe and public. Only to find out they will sacrifice anything for big business and say its in the same of states rights.Continue Reading