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Vegan Fire Cider

Last month I participated in World Fire Cider Action Day and created my first batch homemade fire cider.  Fire Cider is an old herbal vinegar to cure or prevent a cold. Rosemary Gladstar, an herbalist created the recipe and has been giving it out freely to help people heal themselves with food. You can find it here.

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{DIY} Marbled Jewelry Dish

This DIY jewelry dish started out as a tutorial-tried post of this clay jewelry dish on Honestly WTF. My friend and I were having a Sunday crafternoon together working on various polymer clay projects. I made one of the dishes with lace and it’s awesome. But I have a lot of jewelry, so I thought it would be fun to make a couple in other colors.

I was gifted a motherload of Sculpey, which is awesome but it’s all white. So I had to go scouting on how to dye it. I found this forum about it, where someone suggested using oil paints. Luckily, I am a craft and art supply hoarder so what do you know, I still have oil paints from my art classes in college. Now that you know how this dish evolved. Let’s move on to the tutorial. You will need to read the original post by the lovely ladies over at Honestly WTF for directions on making and baking the dish, I’m just going to go over how to get the marbled effect.
DIY Jewelry Dish

You will need:

  • A least 2 ounces of polymer clay like Sculpey
  • Oil paint in your color choice
  • Paint palate or plastic dish
  • Toothpick
  • Gloves
  • The rest of the supplies listed in the original tutorial

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{Tutorial-Tried} Outdoor Pallet Table Part One

I saw this post about making an outdoor table from used pallets. We occasionally get deliveries on pallets at my work so I snagged a couple and decided to try it. I love the way it turned out! You’ll need to read the tutorial or else what I’m going to tell you might not make sense.
DIY Outdoor Pallet Table
Now for a couple notes about this project.

  • I would rate this as a super-duper easy building project. Try it, you can do it.
  • I hand-sanded the pallets. Dumb idea. It takes forever, hurts your shoulder and you’ll find spots that still aren’t smooth.
  • I had my 4×4’s cut to 8 inches instead of six because I wanted a taller table. I don’t have a saw yet so I just had them do it for me at the hardware store; they only charged me a dollar.
  • I pre-drilled all of my holes before putting the screws in. It makes the screws go in easier and helps keep the wood from splitting. My 4×4 was crap.
  • I used the same stain from my previous post about aging new wood. It went on SO MUCH DARKER. I think it is because it was exposed to air for a bit while stained the garden box. I didn’t have enough for all of the table and I figured out about half way through staining that I could dilute it with water for a softer color and to make it last longer.

So what’s in store for part two? I have a new batch of stain in progress. This weekend I plan on sanding the table with a finishing sander and then re-staining it with a mixture of 1/2 stain and 1/2 water. I don’t want to seal my garden box because of the chemicals but I might seal the table.¬† We’ll see. Stay tuned.

Now, let’s talk about the pallet furniture trend we’re all seeing all over Pinterest. Why is it important to reuse pallets? According to this website, about 1/4 of all the wood in landfills comes from shipping pallets. I have no idea how accurate that statistic really is, but look around when you visit stores, you will notice a LOT of pallets and a lot of them end up in the dumpster. So yeah, take them from the dumpsters and make stuff.

That’s all for now!

{Tutorial-Tried} How to Age New Wood

aging new wood before and after
I love the look of aged-wood. However, when I was building my raised garden bed, I wanted to use new wood so that I would know what it had been treated with. I planned to leave it alone until I saw Sasha from Sweet Pickin’s Furniture speak at Snap. She held up a jar of gray liquid and said it was her most-pinned post, How-To Weather New Wood. All she used was vinegar and steel wool! I had to try it on my garden box.
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