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Talk To Me

One of the best things about having a website is hearing back from your readers. I absolutely love getting emails and comments from you guys! I know sometimes it’s easier to give feedback anonymously so I created this little survey. Please take a moment and fill it out.

I would love to know more about you. If you have feedback that there isn’t a spot for, just shoot me an email or leave a comment and let me know what you think.

xx Kristiina

DIY Rope Clutch Preview

DIY Rope Clutch Preview

Next weeks tutorial is going to be how to make a DIY Rope Clutch like the one above. As I was creating this tutorial, I realized that I knit in a funky way. I was taught to knit by my Finnish grandmother and apparently it’s different from how American’s knit.

So, start by gathering your supplies, whatever kind of paracord floats your boat and some size 17 knitting needles. Then review these knitting instructions. This project is SUPER easy to make, you just need to know how to cast-on and how do do a basic knit stitch. Once you get that down you’ll be all ready to take this project.

See you next week!

xx Kristiina

Craftsy's Fall Sale Ends Today

Hey guys! Guess what? Craftsy is having a HUGE sale on all of their courses right now. That’s where I learned to use epoxy clay and set-up my home jewelry studio with a micro torch. They have absolutely TONS of different courses to help you tap into your creativity. They even have some free ones so you can if you like the platform.

Most of the classes are around $30 and you get to have access for them for as long as you like. Each course has a platform with videos and a forum to talk to other students and share projects.

Right now all of the online courses are 50% until 11:59 pm MST. So walk, don’t run over to Craftsy‘s BIG Fall Course Sale and learn to weave, sew, paint and more.

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Let's Talk Ring Size

As I work away on my Summer goal, to launch an online shop of my jewelry, it occurred to me that I often get frustrated buying jewelry. It’s happened more times than I can count that I am trying to buy a ring and the vendor does not offer my size. I understand, it’s about averages and you want to make sure you sell through your stock. As a small-just-starting-out designer, I’m going to have to be one of those people with a small inventory relying on averages. So, I just wanted to check in and make sure that the averages at most retailers are actually the averages of my people, you all, my readers and friends. Therefore, without further ado, could you please select your ring size and hit submit.

Thank you dolls & gents! And if you are interested in a BFFFFFFFF sneak peek, let me know in the comments. You can also comment if you just want to make my week, ’cause comments do that.

Be generous.

christmas tree
Welcome back to my happiness project! It’s a new month, fresh, with no mistakes on it. Sorry all, I’m feeling very Anne of Green Gables today. My focus for the month of December is on generosity. It made sense to me when I was plotting out my happiness project that December should focus on giving since I was planning on giving lots of Christmas presents to loved ones anyways. Oh, but how life loves to get in the way.

Last week I learned at my condo HOA meeting that the building required a renovation that was going to cost over a million dollars. You heard me, over one million dollars. Now, I only own 1/33 of the building so I am only required to pay 1/33 of 1.2 mil or something around $36,363. We have 15 years to pay it but still, talk about a blow to the holiday giving plans. It was a really emotional meeting. The HOA board did not want to deliver that kind of news but they have been looking at it for over 2 years now so we all sort of knew it could be coming. Of course everyone just wants to sell their unit, but with the economy as it is and the repairs that need to be done.. I mean really, who sees a sinking ship and thinks, “I want one!”

My first thought was about my project, how I am going to be generous when I am really not in the position to buy anything but necessities? I took a deep breath and realized that this is actually an opportunity for creativity disguised as shit-ass news. (Sorry mom, I’m cutting back on the potty mouth but hopefully you get this one.) That’s right, this isn’t actual bad news, bad news would be the building blowing up and people getting hurt. See how I turned that upside-down?

So dear friends, here is my plan to be generous, without being fiscally irresponsible this month. Because bills? Baby, they don’t make anybody happy.

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But am I happier?

As November comes to an end and I review my resolutions, how I did, what worked, what didn’t, the inevitable question is, but am I happier?

I would have to say, yes. I am feeling more creative and I feel like I have the tools to get myself out of a rut if I have a creative block. No, I didn’t complete my novel for NaNoWriMo, November is just a hard month for it. But, working on my novel did serve as a great creative outlet when I would get stuck on my blog or jewelry. It also helped me create daily writing habits.

Create every day was another tough one and I’m not sure if this let to more happiness because on long work days, it did end up being a bit of a chore. Luckily, I could count writing and creating so it really worked out.

Without a doubt, the resolution that led to the biggest increase in happiness, was standing on my head. You can read the background on this one here. Not only did it help me creatively, but it really increased my happiness by making it easier to deal with stress.Continue Reading

Thankful for Thanksgiving

I do apologize but the regularly scheduled be happy link up post update on my happiness project resolutions has been postponed in favor of a more timely happiness story. Enter, what I am thankful for. It’s probably weird for a vegan to say that one of the things they are most thankful for is Thanksgiving. After all, today is a day that leads to the slaughter of so many adorable Turkeys. But it does give us vegans a reason to congregate for a big meal, we often group in batches of friends in order to avoid a meal with a carcass steaming in the middle of the table. (Thank you Mama, for making me a GF & vegan meal today!)

Three years ago my parents were remodeling their kitchen over the holidays so they were only serving dessert and I went to a friend’s house for a vegan dinner of Tofurkey and such (this was pre-GF life). Looking back it was all really serendipitous. I could have gone to a guy’s home that I was dating but I preferred to hang out with my friends that day for some reason.

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How to Live Upside Down

Yes friends, it is that time of the week, to Be Happy, Link Up and review my happiness project. Of my three resolutions for my month of All Things Creative, the one I have really been thinking a lot about is number three, head stands, or to actually makes sense, seeing things from different perspectives.

Upside Down

This week, I actually had a harder time with this than I thought. I really expected that if I had a problem and I saw it from a different perspective, the solution to said problem would come streaming into my brain like lightning, the nice kind, not the kind that kills you.

The trouble is, even when I physically move myself through a head stand, laying on the floor, working in a different space… the new perspective, just doesn’t seem to be coming. Things look pretty much the same, only upside down or to the side. My poor little literal Virgo brain is just not open and fluid like I would prefer. Blast!

And so, I am looking to those who live upside down for some guidance. I am very pleased to introduce, The Hanged Man, Bitty the bat and senior two-toed sloth. The interesting thing about these three, is that while they are all upside down, not one is actually standing on their head, rather, they are suspended by their feet. Perhaps that is my problem!Continue Reading

All Things Creative Part 1

Remember last week when I unveiled my personal happiness project on the be happy link up blog hop and set my resolutions for November? Well, I haven’t done so well, and yet I have. November’s theme is – All Things Creative. and as far as a theme has gone, I have done really well.
North Tile
While I was in Chicago I visited The Art Institute of Chicago and The Museum of Contemporary Art. It was so amazing. It really reminded me that I have to apply to volunteer at The Utah Museum of Fine Art. I am doing that this weekend, or else.  I fell in love with the Bouroullec exhibit. It was the first time modern design has felt, well, magical to me. The other awesome thing about Chicago was that I was able to rub shoulders with some of the most creative women in blogging. It was everything I thought it would be and more.Continue Reading