Let’s get creative.

I’m back! I know for a bit there it seemed like I might never blog again. I haven’t been posting much for a couple of reasons. First, life has been getting in the way. But mostly, I really just wanted to take some time and reflect on what I wanted this website to be. There are so many voices online and I wanted to make sure that this site can really add value to the conversations on the web.

end of the earth - kristiina anderson

There are so many thoughts that ran through my mind as I was taking my blogging time out and most of them linked back to creativity.

  1. How can we learn to be creative and/or enhance our creativity?
  2. What is it about the creation process that feels so good? I absolutely love creating things with my hands. It’s a physical need for me. I have to consistently make and create things or else I feel like my soul is withering away.

I really want to explore above questions. I want this website to be a conversation about creativity and the creation process.

When I was in college, I had an online writing buddy that would send me prompts to inspire me when I was feeling writers block. I absolutely loved it and some of my best writing came from his prompts. The other day in one of my jewelry classes I was stumped about what to make. This never happens, if there is one subject I have loads of ideas about, it’s jewelry design. But, none of my designs fit the requirements of the assignment. That’s when I realized that it’s not just writers that hit creativity blocks. It happens to every creative.

Then I came up with what is one of my favorite designs to date, it’s not cast yet but I will show it to you soon. And you know what? It’s the restrictions that were in the assignment that pushed me to think differently and led me to a design I loved. 

So dear internet friends, join me in taking a little creativity challenge. I’m going to send out a prompt every Sunday (this week is late due to technical difficulties) in my newsletter. You can use that prompt to inspire a blog post, drawing, photograph, video, painting, sculpture… you name it. Then, share it with the us by using the hashtag #creativityand. (It took a lot of searching on social media to find a hashtag that hasn’t blown up already, but just in case the hashtag gets busy, feel free to tag me.)

Think of it as a digital art journal, or better yet, get a notebook for this challenge and make it real life art journal.

If you don’t want to share your creations on social media, just email your work to me at kristiina@kristiinaanderson.com. On Saturday I’ll share what I came up with plus some of what you guys share. Don’t worry, I will ask permission first and link to you. All of that good giving credit stuff.

I think it will be incredible to see what everyone comes up with, especially when we use different mediums. I regularly check twitter, instagram, vine, facebook and tumblr but if you share on a different site, let me know. I thought about adding a link up to my Saturday post, so if you plan on blogging your prompts and would enjoy that, just leave a comment or send an email to let me know. I really do want this to be a conversation so please don’t be shy with comments, suggestions and emails. I love to hear from you!

Just in case you haven’t joined my list yet, I’ll share this weeks prompt here as well. Remember, you can use this prompt to inspire any kind of creative medium. You could write about a place that is sacred to you, take a picture of it, make a video, draw from memory, make a collage… whatever speaks to you. Don’t be afraid to think abstractly if you feel uncomfortable sharing what is sacred to you. We don’t have to get it. Maybe it’s a place you visit all the time, maybe it’s a place you don’t have access to anymore. Maybe it’s just a head space you get into. Explore it.

sacred space

I can’t wait to see what everyone creates, come back Saturday to see what’s going on or sooner for a new jewelry DIY.


In other news, you’ll notice that I have moved the site to a new url. I loved the blog name Typical House Cat, because I’m the polar opposite of social butterfly but apparently, I’m the only person that uses the term “house cat” to refer to an introvert. It just didn’t make sense to 99.99% of the world. I also decided to change the name of my jewelry line to my name as well.

It’s been a really scary thing for me to do. I guess I was scared that if it was me designing it and not a brand people would think “Who the hell is she to think she is a designer?” It was out of fear that I was hiding behind other names, so they just had to go. Plus it makes it so much easier to just have everything on the same website!

If you are a reader of my website for the DIY’s and jewelry making, don’t worry, all of that is staying the same. You can expect to see a new DIY almost every week. I have so much new stuff planned for you (almost a years worth of DIY’s), that I am actually launching this site early. So please be patient if things look a little wonky while I figure my new theme out. It will be gorgeous soon.

All the best,


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