Cute Shoes for Camping

I know that cute shoes shouldn’t matter for things like camping and hiking, but for me, they do. And they can be hard to find for compassionate shoppers! There seems to be a sort of assumption that if you like the great outdoors you like leather. That is why I would just like to take a moment to thank Sorel for making a shoe sans leather. Meet the Picnic Plimsole, available in three colors and shown here in natural. At first I wasn’t in love with the sole. But I’m planning a trip to Kanab in a few days and we’ll hopefully make it to a couple of camping music festivals this summer and I think I will come to appreciate the grippiness it offers.

Sorel Picnic Plimsole in Natural

According to their website, it’s a canvas upper and footbed. Hooray! There is some vulcanized rubber on the outsole and their trademark Omni-grip so it’s all good. They also have another style I like, the Bathing Oxford shown here in Burnt Henna. The Burnt Henna color is perfect for Southern Utah, you won’t even notice the red sand all over these. It features the same leather- free construction as the Picnic Plimsole, just in a different style.

Sorel Bathing Oxford in Burnt Henna

Check them out, especially if you love Summer camping and boating.

[Now, I must digress into a tiny rant to Sorel and shoe makers in general.  They have a third style that is similar to the two above and it is DAMN cute. However, it has a leather footbed. Why Sorel? Why? I swear to you, no one is going to pick it over the Bathing Oxford or the Picnic Plimsole because of the leather foodbed. If they do purchase it instead of the other styles, it will be because you make it in different colors and because the basket weave is darling. On the other hand, you have consumers like me, who would have bought 3 or more pairs but who will now only be purchasing 2.

The leather foodbed is enough of a turn off that it keeps me from buying Tom’s even though they make vegan styles. It is so pointless and does not belong in a canvas shoe, especially a do-gooder brand like Tom’s. But Sorel, these two styles feel like a step in the right direction for you, so I’m going to support it and pray for a canvas boot without any leather this Winter and that you’ll skip leather foodbeds in canvas shoes all together next year. End rant]

Back to the topic at hand, fashion for the great outdoors. Will any of you lovelies be spending some time camping  or hiking this Summer? Zion’s, Lake Powell, Moab, Yellowstone? I would love to hear what you’re taking. Fashion doesn’t stop when your camping, unless it does.

Anywhoo, I’m going to go place my order now.

2 Responses to Cute Shoes for Camping

  1. These are super cute! I like the style of the red ones. I am not a huge camper, but we might go to the mountains and rent a cabin and do some outdoorsy stuff 🙂 this summer.

    • Yeah when I camp one night is about all I can handle unless there are toiletries somewhere near by.