{Date Night} Ching Sanctuary Vegan Valentines Dinner

My BF and I decided to do things a little different this year. Instead of spending the weekend before Valentine’s day on a romantic getaway we decided to go volunteer at an event for our favorite non-profit and farm animal sanctuary, Ching Farm Rescue and Sanctuary. We had a blast helping prepare and serving food to the guests. And as you can see from the above picture, we enjoyed eating the dinner as well.

All of the food was prepared by local Chef Larayn Clegg and volunteer, Jordan Toland. I couldn’t try everything because of my gluten allergy but what I had was amazing. Larayn has a food cart, Union Street Eats, reopening for the season TOMORROW in downtown Salt Lake City.

Everyone who attended will be waiting for Danielle and Alyssa, who provided dessert, to open up their own chocolate shop. The girls have perfected peanut butter cups and even make homemade vegan white chocolate. I made them promise to give me lessons. All of the guests were given gift bags that included a sampling of their chocolates. Currently the chocolates are only available and Ching Sanctuary fundraisers.

Gents, it can be hard to think of creative date ideas! A service project might just be the thing.

For more pictures of the event, check out Ching’s Facebook page. They are planning another dinner this summer.

Classic. This is what happens when you are instagramming all night and tweet for two non-profits. {Also, notice the reappearance of my chain collar necklace, LOVE.}

The couple that volunteers together, stays together.

[Photo Credits] Top picture by Crystal Hammer, Instagram pictures by me {thank you Shaunna for showing me how to do the montage}, all others by our friend, Harold.

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