{Vegan Version} Wedge Sneakers

{UPDATE} The pair I previously suggested is now being made with man-made materials and suede. ICK! Thank you to reader, Svetlana, for pointing it out to me. Instead, check out these styles that are 100% man made materials here and here.

I have been searching for a pair of wedge sneakers ever since I saw these Isabel Marant’s here. Unfortunately, not only are they very spendy, even if I had the money, they wouldn’t be an option for me because of the leather. This is when I get excited about designer knock-offs! So designers, let this be a lesson to you, sometimes it pays to have an eco/vegan option. I understand you may not want to go there and use the word vegan, yikes! Vegan can be a scary word if you regularly use leather. But seriously, eco should always be animal-free. People like eco. It’s a safe bet. Trust me. Think canvas and faux-leather made from recycled plastic bottles a la Matt and Nat. Even your non-vegan consumers will eat that shiz up. Anyways, moving on. Le knock-off in faux leather. Very nice.

{Vegan Version} Wedge Sneakers

Now, I understand this style may want to make you vomit. It’s cool. We don’t have to like the same stuff. Different strokes make the world go round. I’m loving them. I might order them. I might post pictures of myself looking awesome in them. We’ll see.

xx ks

12 Responses to {Vegan Version} Wedge Sneakers

  1. But I’ve read that they are not only from faux leather, but genuine suede too… so maybe they are not vegan…
    I try to find such vegan Wedge Sneakers too, but it is very difficult… only real leather and suede…

  2. Glad to find another vegan obsessed with the Isabel marant sneakers. I can’t find the blink sneaker info on heels.com–did you email them?