DIY Bandana Necklace

I’m a big fan of jewelry that looks like clothing. The first piece of metalsmithed jewelry that I ever made was actually a brass peter pan collar. It took 3 weeks to make. When I saw Isabel Marant’s bandana inspired necklace, I knew it I had to make one, it was much quicker than the collar, check it out.
DIY Bandana Necklace

DIY-Bandana-Necklace-Supplies To make it you will need:

  • Spike beads, jump rings and chain (mine all came together like this)
  • Metallic fabric
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Jewelry pliers to open and close jump rings

I used this chain mail fabric for costumes and had it shipped on a roll to keep it smooth. I ordered 2 just in case but that was way more than enough, if you use the same stuff, you’ll be fine with one.

To start off, I unrolled some of the chain mail fabric and cut out a triangle as seen above. Then I used my pliers to remove all of the spike beads off of the chain. Hopefully yours won’t come like this and you can skip that step and just attach jump rings. If you need help on how to open and close a jump ring, check out my post about making them here.
Lay out the beads along your triangle to see how you want it to look. I used 23 beads along each side, one on the tip, and 7 divided between the two pieces of chain. Use your pliers and jump rings to attached some of the beads to the ends of your two pieces of chain.
Starting at the top corner, use your needle and thread to sew the end of chain with out beads to the fabric and follow with your first bead. I didn’t bother to finish the ends of the fabric because I like how it looked but if you have a sewing machine you could quickly sew the edge under before attaching beads if that’s what you prefer.
The cool thing about this fabric, if you are using it, is that it’s a little bit spongey. You can just run your needle down the middle of it to the next spot you want to place a bead. Continue all around 2 edges of your triangle and then add the second piece of chain at the end. To wear it, place it the triangle at the your chest and wrap each piece of chain around so that the ends dangle in the front. The beads you placed on the end of the chain will help hold it in place but you are worried, you can tie a loose knot.

Enjoy! Any ideas for clothing to make into jewelry? I’m thinking about a bow tie next.

xx Kristiina

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