{DIY} Beaded Cord Bracelet – Kumihimo

So friends, remember last week when I showed you how to make your own braided cord with a kumihimo disk? Well, this week we are going to build on that design and add some beads. {You may want to open that tutorial in another window, ’cause if you haven’t mastered kumihimo braiding, you’ll need it.}
DIY Beaded Kumihimo Bracelet

DIY Beaded Kumihimo Bracelet Supplies
To make this you will need:

  • Kumihimo Disk
  • Cord
  • Small beads {insider tip – I use crimp beads because they have a larger hole than regular seed beads and allow me to use a thicker cord}
  • A bag of coins or beans as a weight
  • Cord holders or elastic

Set up your disk like normal but add 20 beads to each strand.
Set your disk up like you did in my original tutorial except, before you wind your cord around the holders, you’ll want to add beads to each strand. The smaller the bead, the more you are going to want to add, I used 20 on each strand for this bracelet. If you don’t have the cord holders like me, you can just wind them up and secure them with a rubber band or a hair elastic.
DIY Beaded Kumihimo Bracelet 2
Start by braiding like normal, just ignore the beads at first. Once you have a 1/2 of an inch to a full inch of braided cord, you can start adding the beads. For each strand, slide a bead up, ALL THE WAY UP, and make sure it’s tucked up as far as it can go before you move the strand from its current spot on the bottom left, make sure it stays tucked as you place it in the top right slot. You’ll continue it with each strand until you run out of beads. Continue braiding until your bracelet is the length you want it.
DIY Beaded Kumihimo Bracelet 3
FInish it off with an overhand knot, trim the ends, and you are set!

Think you’ll give it a shot? Talk to me dolls, I live for your comments.

20 Responses to {DIY} Beaded Cord Bracelet – Kumihimo

  1. I absolutely love this with the beads added! I will have to see if I have what I need to do this. I know I don’t have the board but I think I have everything else.

    I have too many hobbies. 🙂

  2. Im definitely going to try this. Your instructions seem so much easier to follow than others I have read. Thank you.

  3. How lovely!! You are a wonder………I will try the Kumihimo NOW! Thanks for sharing your information…….not everyone is willing to share…….thanks

  4. Kristina … cool.
    I’m not a doll, I guess … maybe a bit too old, a bit too limey and a bit too male, but … just a couple of thoughts. Tried it, liked it and added to it. My last attempt was to insert a length of copper wire (gauge about 1.3 mm dia) in the centre from the start and braid around it. Really effective because it pushed the beads proud. I like braiding around wire for bracelets because you don’ have to worry about length: too long it overlaps, too short it doesn’t quite meet. I also make end caps out of gold or silver wire … much neater than most on the market and they can be sized to fit any thickness of braid.

  5. Oh my gosh, is that the same crimps i use to hold string in place, and is now used in a kumihimo necklace. i love it, its is a cool idea i cant say how cool it looks. i have black cord and i know it will look gorgeous with gold crimps, thank you for your project i LOVE IT.

  6. This is very pretty. You say you added beads to each strand, but did you add them so they are close together, or separate the beads on the strand? I can’t quite explain myself, but the beads are not all in one location of the bracelet, which means you did not add beads every time you turned the Kumihimo Disk. Can you explain a bit further? Thanks much.

    • Hi Gloria,
      I added the beads to the strands all at once. But as I made the bracelet I only moved one bead up the strand at once so that only one bead was added to the bracelet at a time. Hope this helps!

  7. This is very very pretty. I have the same question as Gloria and the reply has not convinced me. It is obvious that a bead is not being passed with each strand during braiding, otherwise we would have a classical kumihimo bead bracelet. I will try to reproduce this passing one bead every complete turn of the kumihimo board. A video would be very helpful. Thanks for sharing this tutorial!