{DIY} Beaded / Rope Necklace Inspired by Dannijo & Orly Genger

So I promised you a love child yesterday and here it is. I took what I loved from both pieces, dyed howlite spacer beads that aren’t spacing anything out and rope with gold accents. Originally I thought about adding more rows of beads but I liked the simplicity of one single piece. Here she is, a rope necklace for the ages.

DIY Beaded/Rope Necklace

It came together in a snap and is one of the easiest pieces that I have ever put together.

DIY Beaded Rope Necklace Supplies

You will need:

First, you will want to start out by attaching your jump rings to the end caps. After that, you’ll thread the end of the fishing line through one of the crimp beads, then one of the jump rings and back through the crimp bead, pull tight. Use your bead-crimper or flat nose pliers to crimp the crimp bead and secure the fishing line in place.

DIY Beaded Rope Necklace 1

String the beads on and when it’s to the length you want, add the crimp bead, then the jump ring/end cap combo and thread it back through the crimp bead. Once again, use your pliers or crimpers to secure the crimp bead. Snip off the excess fishing light and thread the end through the spacer beads to hide it. Then glue the rope into the end caps, let it dry and you are done!

DIY Beaded Rope Necklace 2

Told you it was easy. Now you have a simple necklace that’s perfect for layering.

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10 Responses to {DIY} Beaded / Rope Necklace Inspired by Dannijo & Orly Genger

  1. […] What happens when two jewelry designers get together in my brain and have a DIY baby? For instance, the Dannijo Kaleb necklace and the Orly Genger by Jaclyn Mayer Melora necklace… As you know, I love looking to my favorite jewelry designers for inspiration. The key word here is inspiration, ie I’m not knocking them off exactly. So what better way to avoid it it than by blending two pieces into one? Tune in tomorrow to see my DIY Dannijo + Orly Genger love child. […]

  2. Hmmm…. something to do with my old climbing rope. Although it is really dirty right now, that probably would wear off on my neck. 🙂

  3. I love this! Incredible. Teach me your ways, master. I want to make one with my leftover bungee. Where did you get the spacers?

    Ps your nail art is insane. Hottie.

    • I bought mine at the gem faire. I found them online but they are multicolored. I bet most bead stores would have them. Thank you for the comment and kind words doll! xx