{DIY} Cat Scratch Pad

DIY Cat Scratch Pad
This project is one that my coworker and I came up with together when we were working with a shelter to figure out different volunteer projects. One of the best things a cat in a shelter can get for kennel enrichment is a scratch pad tied to their kennel door. But if you’ve ever bought one for your own cats, you know that they are pretty expensive for something made from corrugated cardboard. For a shelter it can be even more expensive because a cats toys often go with it when the cat gets adopted, and if the adopter doesn’t want them, something like a scratch pad can’t be sterilized for the next cat.

Luckily, they are really inexpensive and easy to make. You can make some for your own kitties or put some together to take to your local shelter.
DIY Cat Scratch Pad Supplies
You will need:

  • 1 or 2 corrugated cardboard boxes.
  • A cutting mat and rotary cutting wheel. You could use a box cutter, but this feels safer to me.
  • A clear, gridded ruler, two inches wide is best.

DIY Cat Scratch Pad 1

If your box doesn’t have a separate lid, use your rotary cutter to cut the box bottom off a little over one inch from the bottom. This is going to be the base of your scratch pad.
DIY Cat Scratch Pad 2
You might want to add a little glue around the edges to secure the box bottom. If so, you can use paper clips to hold everything in place while it dries. Then take some of the left over card board and make sure it is trimmed to a length that would fit instead the box. Use the ruler and guide on your cutting mat to measure one inch from the edge lengthwise and make a cut. You don’t want to go all the way through the cardboard, just half of the way.
DIY Cat Scratch Pad 3
Flip your card board over, and make a parallel cut to your first cut, one inch away. Flip the cardboard over and repeat the same process. You’ll be able to fold it up like an accordion when you are done.
DIY Cat Scratch Pad 4
Put it into your box so you can see how far you have to go. It make take more than one box to fill your base. Keep going until you have enough to fill it.
DIY Cat Scratch Pad 5
Remove the pieces and spread them out. Use a strip of non toxic glue down each section and that use rubber bands to hold them together while they dry. Once they sections are dry put a little glue along the bottom of the box and put the inserts back in, place a heavy book on top to keep it all in place while everything dries.
DIY Cat Scratch Pad
Add a little cat nip and your kitties will love it as much as the store-bought ones. If you are taking them to a shelter, don’t add cat nip, different shelters have different rules about it.

Happy Caturday! Now tell me, what’s your cats favorite toy? Tut and Trina are all about the scratch pads and their cat charmer. Also, is there a cause special to you that you volunteer for?

11 Responses to {DIY} Cat Scratch Pad

  1. This is BRILLIANT! And your cats are gorgeous. I might try this for my little cat. Sometimes she likes scratch pads and sometimes she prefers the furniture…

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I would love for you to do a guest post about vegan fashion or nail polish!

    • Thanks! I think they’re the best looking cats in the world but I’m probably a little biased. I would love to do a guest post! Maybe non-toxic polishes?

  2. I also tried this scratch box, it worked, was easy and free! Unfortunately my cat wasn’t interested. Luckily I did your DIY first before buying a cardboard scratcher to find out my cat doesn’t like cardboard. But I did link your site to my blog. I also posted on household items I use for a scratcher. 🙂