DIY Chain Bracelet

DIY Chain Bracelet
This chain bracelet has a some extra fringe that looks perfect with the longer sleeves of Fall.
DIY Chain Bracelet Supplies
To make it you will need (I purchased all of my supplies at Jo-Ann’s):

  • 100 inches of chain for a 7 inch bracelet
  • 10 jump rings
  • 2 spacer end caps
  • Wire cutters
  • Jewelry pliers to open and close your jump rings

DIY Chain Bracelet Step 1

Cut 10 pieces of 10 inch chain.

DIY Chain Bracelet 2

Using your jump rings, attach two pieces of change to each loop on your end piece. For information on opening and closing jump rings and to learn how to make your own, go here.

DIY Chain Bracelet 4

If you are using larger chain than mine, you can attach the second end piece 3 inches down the chain to create the fringe. If you are using teeny tiny chain like mine, you will need to trim each piece and then slide it on to the jump ring.

DIY Chain bracelet 5

DIY Chain Bracelet 6

All done, with large chain it goes pretty fast, small chain can take a little longer if you’ve got clumsy fingers like mine.

Now tell me, which Fall jewelry trends are you looking forward to wearing most?

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