{DIY} Chain Heel Harnesses Inspired by Sass + Bide

Here they are, Heel Harnesses made with curb chain so you won’t need a blow torch to make them. They aren’t quite as snazzy as the Sass + Bide originals but they are still quite nice.

Heel Harness

You will need:

  • Jump rings (previously seen here)
  • 2 lobster claw clasps
  • Jewelry pliers
  • 10mm curb chain (I got mine from MJ Trim)
  • 2 shoe clips (previously seen here)
  • Yarn, tape and scissors
  • Shoes you may want to wear this with.

1. Use the yarn and tape to make a mock-up of the heel harness on your shoe while it is on your foot. Start with the back and the piece underneath. If you have different colors of yarn, use them. Leave some slack in the underneath piece.

DIY Heel Harness Step 1

2. Put your shoe on as you adjust the top piece. The pieces don’t need to connect, as they are to measure your chain and don’t account for the length the jump rings will add in.

DIY Heel Harness Step 2

3.  Remove all three pieces of yarn and tape them to a table and use them as a guide to make 6 pieces of chain, 2 of each length.

DIY Heel Harness Step 3

4. Arrange one of each of the pieces in the form of the harness. Attach a jump ring to each end of the pieces with one of the clasps on the end of the top piece.

DIY Heel Harness Step 4

5. Using the last two jump rings connect the three pieces on each end.

DIY Heel Harness Step 5

6. Slip them on your shoes! Now if you move around a lot it is likely that they will slip down so I would recommend gluing a shoe clip to the back of each one.

DIY Heel Harness

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30 Responses to {DIY} Chain Heel Harnesses Inspired by Sass + Bide

  1. Very good job! I saw a pic in a catalog you may want to see. Its name is MidnightVelvet.com
    See pg. 32 or look for Sparking Sensaton.
    I’m sure you could make a much better version, as this one has too many bulky items which detract from the chains. Bold/bulky is fine in moderation, but this is a bit much.

  2. This is an awesome tutorial for transforming a pair of heels…I’ve got a black pair of stilettos that this would work great with! Dropping by via SITS!

  3. Dear Kristiina,

    Thank you for this DIY tutorial! Though it might be an older post, it will be popular again since summer has finally begun! I will link to your post for my readers, since they will love to know about this DIY. It might also come in handy if you have slippery heels.

    Thank you!
    (love your name btw)


  4. Love the idea. Some of my shoes are so boring looking. This is a great way to dress them up and still keep them “corporate”. Thanks!