{DIY} Chainmail Necklace

{DIY} Chainmail Necklace
I didn’t mean to actually publish this! This is what happens when you forget to uncheck boxes. It’s actually for a contest on polyvore. So I should mention that I haven’t actually made this yet. The one pictured is by Marie Chavez and is totally out of my price range. If it’s in yours, by all means click through the image and get it.
This is a project that I plan on attempting soon. Here is how I’m planning on doing it:
  1.  Using two pairs of flat nose pliers, open a jump ring, thread it with 3 closed jump rings, the close the open ring with the pliers.
  2. Spread the three rings out around the one they are all connected too. Attach one end of your clasp to one of the three rings.
  3. Open another jump ring, slip the other two rings on and add to more, use the pliers to close the ring.
  4. You’ll have two rings on the end, slip an open ring through and add two more before closing.
  5. Repeat step four until you have the full length of necklace that you want and add the other end of your clasp.
  6. Continue to add rings in the middle of the necklace in the same manner to add the bib. Taper the width as you go.


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