{DIY} Convertible Skull Bracelet / Choker

DIY Convertible Skull Bracelet / Choker

Dia de los Muertos is right around the corner and it’s time to get decked in skulls. You may have already seen my DIY Skull Bib Necklace earlier this year, well this skull bracelet something else to add to the mix! I discovered that something wrapped loosely twice around my wrist is about the same as once around my neck, hopefully it’s the same for you. This convertible wrap skull bracelet/choker is super simple to make and only utilizes basic beading techniques.

DIY Convertible Skull Bracelet Chocker Supplies

You will need:

  • Small dyed howlite skull beads (I used almost an entire strand. Also, keep in mind, the larger the beads you use are, the longer you will need to make your strand.)
  • Toggle
  • 2 crimp beads
  • Fishing line
  • Bead Crimper Crimp Tool Pliers or flat nose pliers

DIY Convertible Skull Bracelet Choker 1

You’ll start out by threading on your crimp bead first and then one piece of your toggle. then you will want the thread the line back through the crimp bead to so that the fishing line creates a loop through your toggle. Use your crimping too to secure the crimp bead. It will come with instructions on the package of how to use it, or you can just use flat pliers and press down as hard as you possibly can. I’ve done both methods and they have both worked.

DIY Convertible Skull Bracelet Choker 2

Next start threading on your beads, you’ll want at least the first three beads to have both ends of the fishing line go through them before you snip the end of the short tail. That gives you a little leeway in case your crimp bead comes loose. Then I would recommend letting your cat play with it so you can start all over again. It’s much for fun that way.

DIY Convertivle Skull Bracelet Choker 3

When you think you have it long enough, hold the beads in place and check the length around your neck and wrist. Repeat what you did earlier, add on the crimp bead, then the toggle and thread the link back through the crimp bead and pull it snug. Leave enough room to sneak your crimpers in and SQUEEZE. Then thread the line back through some of the beads before you snip it. Easy!

DIY Convertible Skull Bracelet Choker 4




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  1. I LOVE this!! I actually the bone version of these beads, I forgot until I saw this post because I bought them last year! Dia de los Muertos and skulls are things that I really enjoy! Visiting from SITS but following because you like to make things with skulls! :]