{DIY} Evil Eye Bracelet

Chain Evil Eye Bracelet with Moss Agate Stone and Faux Suede Lacing
Boom. I am so thrilled with how my evil eye bracelet turned out. I used moss agate as the “eye”. I wanted to use an agate because agate is the traditional stone for protection. I went with moss agate because I really liked the look of it. You could use eye agate, a birth stone or whatever you like, go crazy! If you have no idea what I’m talking about with protection, talisman, evil eye etc… go read this.
You will need:

Evil Eye Bracelet Supplies Needed
First, open one of the links in the middle of the chain to separate it so you have two pieces of chain of equal length. Next, thread your stone on the eye pin. Then, using your needle-nose pliers bend the eye pin towards you. Set those pliers aside for now, hold the stone in your left hand and your round-nose pliers in your right. The back of your right hand should be facing you, turn it back gently so that the wire bends and forms a loop.
Evil Eye Bracelet Step One, putting the eye pin through the stone.
Adjust so that you have even loops on each end of the stone and set aside.
Evil Eye Bracelet, stone with eyes on either side.
Fold the cord in half and hold it in your fingers so you have a loop on the end. Use a jump ring to attach one end of your toggle to that loop, knot it to secure it in place like below.
Evil Eye Bracelet Step Two
Slide one of each end of cord into the ends of the pieces of chain, like so. It’s true, I decided the taupe I had chosen before was way too boring and switched to purple.
Evil Eye Bracelet Step Three
Now, bring the two pieces of cord back together and thread them through the chain, do it like a whip stitch to “sew” the two pieces together for the first 1/3 length of chain. For the second 1/3 of chain, separate the two pieces of cord and chain and whip stitch the inner part of chain to create the lids of the eye. The for the last 1/3 of chain, bring it all back together.
Evil Eye Bracelet Step Four
When you get to the end, knot the two pieces of cord together. Trim the end and use a jump ring to attach the other end of the toggle. Then use the 2 remaining jump rings to attach your stone in the middle of the eye.
Evil Eye Bracelet Step Five
Now, wear it in good health and be protected from all the nasty jealous looks you get, or just look good. Either way is cool with me.

Finished Evil Eye Bracelet

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  1. This is so pretty! Do you use a regular point-and-shoot camera, or a DSLR? Your pictures come out very well if it’s just a regular point-and-shoot.

  2. This came out great! Do you use a regular point-and-shoot or a DSLR? Your photos come out amazing if it’s just a regular point-and-shoot.

    • I have a DSLR but I just got it so I’m still figuring it out. Especially editing. I’m used to film so digital is totally new to me.

  3. This is so cute! You explained and showed it very well, so I’m sure my girls will want to try it, as a gift for their BBF’s 🙂 I want to make one too (in pink), I just need to buy some new chain. Thanks for sharing!