{DIY} Eye Clutch inspired by Kenzo

DIY Kenzo Eye Clutch | Typical House Cat

DIY Kenzo Eye Clutch Supplies | Typical House Cat

To make this Kenzo inspired eye clutch, you will need:

  • A faux leather pouch (I bought mine on sale at Forever 21.)
  • A set of paint pens (black & white are essential but I also used three metallic ones for the eyeshadow.)
  • A big circle (I used the case off of plumbing tape.)
  • A dime

DIY Kenzo Eye Clutch 1

Use the larger circle to trace out a pattern of irises but make sure you leave enough room to create the whole eye. Then once you have those down, draw a dot to each side of each circle about an inch and a half away from the side of the circle.

DIY Kenzo Eye Clutch 2

Use your time to draw a smaller circle inside the top right corner of the larger circle. Then, one each eye, draw a line from the dot on the left hand side, then round it around the iris and end on the right dot. Repeat, along the bottom.

DIY Kenzo Eye Clutch 3

Next, darken the top line along the bottom of the line so that it goes into the iris. Then, fill in the iris with the black paint pen. As you go along, each eye to each eye, make sure your hand doesn’t smear the paint. When you are done, make sure you let the black dry for at least 30 minutes. Maybe longer, you dont’ want it bleeding when you start to add other colors.

DIY Kenzo Eye Clutch 4

I added a stripe of metallic above each eye, copper, gold and silver to create a pattern. Then, fill in the white parts. Let it dry for at least 30 minutes and add another coat of white. If you only do one coat, you’ll see streaks.

DIY Kenzo Eye Clutch

And BOOM! You are all set. Now, I’ve been debating about adding eye lashes. I’m trying to decide between gluing on some marquis shaped crystal as lashes or drawing them on. What do you think would look better? I must know.

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