DIY Friendship Ring

DIY Friendship Ring

Because you need another way to use friendship bracelets, allow me to introduce the DIY Friendship Ring. You’ll be BFF’s in no time.


To make it, you will need:


Adjust one of your rings to fit your finger.


Take each skein of embroidery floss, divide it in half and wind on to two floss bobbins.


Start by tying a knotting a knot with all 10 of your bobbins. Then use a safety-pin to clipboard to secure it. Then, go and follow the directions for a chevron friendship bracelet found here.


Once it’s long enough to fit around your ring, tie the knot off.


Use a toothpick to spread E6000 or the glue of your choice along the back of your soon-to-be-ring. Wrap it around your ring, let it dry and voila! All done.


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