{DIY} House of Harlow Headpiece

I’ve loved House of Harlow’s headpieces since they came out but I’ve never been able to justify the cost or even pick the one I would want to be my one and only headpiece. At around $200 a pop, you’re only getting one a lifetime. Finally last week I realized I make almost all of my other jewelry, I should just make one of these. Duh. It was WAY easier than I thought.

You will need:

  1. Some thick chain (approximately 9 inches, to go lengthwise down the part of your hair)
  2. Some thin chain (approximately 44 inches, for the sides)
  3. 4 jump rings
  4. 2 pairs of pliers

1. Using the pliers, pry open the link at the length you want the thick chain to be, for me it was nine inches. Do the same for the thinner chain but you will want it a little longer, 2 pieces at 10 inches and 2 pieces at 12 inches.

2. Lay all of the pieces out as shown below. 3. Then use the pliers to open up one of the jump rings. Slip the last link from the thick chain onto the jump ring first and then the end of the corresponding ten inch chain, followed by the 12 inch chain, lastly, close the jump ring. 4. Repeat step three for the rest of the jump rings.

That’s it! Your headpiece is ready to wear!

Now you can feel like a hippie princess whenever you like.

Top image via Crushable/Newscon, all the rest by me.



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