{DIY Inspiration} Dannijo Spring Skulls

Spring Skulls

Dannijo is probably my favorite jewelry line right now. It’s just full of inspiration for a do-it-yourselfer and sometimes, I even thing they get inspired by us. I love it all. If they make it and it’s sans leather, you can pretty much guarantee I want it. I’ve been loving the colorful skull beads in their Spring 2012 line so when I found them at the Gem Faire over the weekend I nearly died. Now, the thing is, when it comes right down to it. I’m just not that into knock-offs. I would rather have the real thing unless I have to make it myself to get it without animal parts. So I did buy some of the smaller beads but I also got these dyed-howlite flat skull beads to make my own colorful skull bib necklace. I’m going to use the smaller ones for my own Spring jewelry designs.

Check back for the tutorial on how to make my version of Dannijo’s skull bib necklace. I should have it up Thursday for Friday, just in time for a weekend project.

xx ks

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