{DIY Inspiration} Evil Eye Jewelry

{DIY Inspiration} Evil Eye Jewelry

I feel like an alternate title for this post could have been, you are getting very sleepy, just LOOK at that center pendant. But really the point to be demonstrated by the above collage is that evil eye jewelry is back. And in a big way. It started when Madonna first got into Kabbalah and was sporting those little red bracelets with the hasma hand charm. After a brief hiatus in the fashion world (actually it’s been years but it feels brief to me), the evil eye is back and more elaborate than ever. But besides being trendy, what does it all mean?

According to a quick search on google and wikipedia, it is believed in many cultures that someone can cause harm to you by giving you the “evil eye” aka a dirty look. Evil eye jewelry came about as a sort of talisman to protect one from other peoples nasty and envious looks. It’s crazy to me how many cultures have a story of the evil eye. It even exists in my favorite guilty pleasure reading, the Stephanie Plum series (you may have seen One for the Money). Anyhoo, the earlier books in the series are WAY better than the later. However, in the later books Morelli’s grandmother gives Stephanie “the eye” to make her break out and her sex drive go off the charts. It was pretty funny reading and leads me to believe that this evil eye business is some serious shiz.

Check back mañana for a tutorial on how to make your own amazing evil eye bracelet. And no, I won’t have you buy a gold hasma hand charm and string it on some red cord. Think bigger and start looking for a chunky agate bead.

xx ks

[Psss… disclaimer here, please note, as this is an inspiration post, not everything featured is vegan, that’s why we’re going to make our own.]

[update] For the tutorial on how to make an evil eye bracelet, go here.

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