{DIY Inspiration} Paper Mâché Animal Bust at Anthropologie

While browsing for tights at Anthropologie, we spotted these awesome safari animal busts. They are made of repurposed cement bags and covered in pages from old French books. I’m absolutely in love, you can find them here, but I have to wonder, can I do it myself?

I love how the writing on the paper shows through on the Zebra.

I’ve been doing some research and found a great paper mâché website so I am going to try my hand at it this weekend with some newspaper and wheat glue. The site is called Ultimate Paper Mâché and it really is THE ULTIMATE. It’s really incredible the things they have done.

If any of you have experience with paper mâché please let me know, I would love to hear from you.

Wish me luck!

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3 Responses to {DIY Inspiration} Paper Mâché Animal Bust at Anthropologie

  1. oh wow, those are very cool (and constitute 50% of the blog posts I found when I searched ‘paper mache, haha). on the bright side, if you make your own, you can be 90% yours won’t have been made by child labor. bonus perk!