{DIY Inspiration} Put a Bow On It –NEON

Put a Bow On It

If put a bird on it was the mantra in 2010-2011, for Spring 2012, it might be put a bow on it. Especially if it’s neon. From swimsuit bottoms and tops to heels, toes, clutches and clothes; neon bows are everywhere. This collage is full of DIY inspiration so get ready for some exciting how-tos:

1. Bow Clips
2. Knotted Neon Bangles
2. Acrylic Neon Clutch

Boom! Put a bow on it.

Psst… See that neon necklace up in the left hand corner? You can get it at Bauble Bar or you can try out this tutorial from the blog, Glitter n Glue. I’ve been dying to try it but I haven’t found the right necklace.

[Since this is an inspiration post, not everything in the collage is vegan, sorry ’bout that. Don’t buy it, MAKE it!]

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