{DIY Inspo} Kenzo Eye Clutch

DIY Inspo Kenzo Eye Clutch
Y’all know that I am obsessed eyes and evil eyes  by this point. So I’m sure you can guess that I am freaking out over all of Kenzo’s eye motif stuff.  The lotus eye sweatshirt and the eye print sweatshirt are sold out and the clutch is leather. So I would be S.O.L. except….. I love to D.I.Y.

Come back tomorrow to see the tutorial.

Do you have a favorite motif?

xx ks


2 Responses to {DIY Inspo} Kenzo Eye Clutch

  1. I’m not really a motif kind of girl. I don’t even wear patterns that often. Or at least not bold ones. I guess I’m kind of boring. 🙂