DIY Knot Necklace

DIY Knot Necklace via @kristiinaand
This necklace is easy to make and requires minimal supplies.
DIY Knot Necklace @kristiinaand
DIY Knot Necklace Supplies
To make it you will need:

  • Cord (I used rattail)
  • Noodle bead
  • Scissors

First, divide your cord in half and follow these instructions to create an infinity knot.
Second, slide your bead on and create an second knot.
Instead of installing a clasp, create two sliding knots. Start off by positioning your necklace as above. The top strand is going to knot around the bottom cord.
Then, fold the top strand back and forth as above, then take it down over the cords and up behind it. Follow by wrapping to the left, three times. Then pull the end through the loop.
And, pull it tight.
Turn the necklace around, and follow the same instructions as above to create the second knot. Make sure both knots are tight and trim the ends.
And thats it, it’s super simple. What do you think? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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