{DIY} Meet the Hair Chain — A Less Pretentious Head Piece

 DIY Hair Chain

You all know that I love headpieces and lots and lots of chain. But sometimes, a full on head-piece is pretentious. Let’s be honest, we’re not hippies so it pretty much always comes across as pretentious. Not that I really care, but you know, if you’re worried about it, you can make like Kim Kardashian and go with a hair chain instead. It feels weird to say I’ve been inspired by her since we have such different views concerning fur and animal parts, but there you go, it turns out we do have something in common. I just love the hair chain she designed for Belle Noel. I was very impressed with her, until I did on search on eBay for side-combs and found that they’ve existed for brides for ages. Anyways, bravo to her for bringing the bridal to mainstream. It’s a much more wearable way to get that chain up in yo’ hair than a full on headpiece.

Lucky for me, hair chains are super easy to make so I won’t have to support her and her fur-wearin’ habits, and neither do you. To make this fabulous hair accessory you will need:

DIY Hair Chain Supplies

First, secure the two side combs on either side of your head and measure the distance around the back of your head. For me, it was 9 1/2 inches. Then cut a piece of delicate chain slightly longer than this, ie 9 3/4 inches. Open a jump ring and place it around the top prong of one of your combs it should be small enough that it won’t be able to slide of the end. Use the jump ring to connect your first piece of chain. It should look like this.
DIY Hair Chain Step One
Next, do the same thing on the third prong down with a slightly heavier heavier chain, this time make it slightly longer, ie ten inches. The the fifth prong down. Or add as much chain as you want, it’s your hair chain.
DIY Hair Chain Step Two
Now, connect the chain to the other side comb.
DIY Hair Chain
So simple! Now run off to a music festival and enjoy! I’ll be wearing mine gardening, at the farmers market and at Uncle Uncanny’s.

Finished DIY Hair Chain
xx ks

PS What do you think of my new blonde ‘do?

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25 Responses to {DIY} Meet the Hair Chain — A Less Pretentious Head Piece

  1. cool! I purchased a little chain thingy for my dance costume a few years ago, but it does make my hair look really flat – would enjoy seeing how this looks from the front

    • I should have taken one! I will next time I wear it. You can’t really see it from the front but you can from the sides. If you made it longer it would be more visible.

    • It didn’t get caught in mine at all. I think you would just want to make sure that links were fully closed when you look for chain. Thanks for coming by!

  2. What an awesome look! You are so creative, I would have never thought to do that. It looks awesome! Stopping by and am a new follower from Sharefest Saturday:)

    • haha I love it! I appreciated you stopping by. I sometimes feel a little left out of the vegan blogging scene since I never post about food so it make me all warm and fuzzy when ever I get a vegan commenting.

  3. Oh! Yes! I look silly in full headbands, but this! It will keep my hair out of my face at the sides AND keep it from flying in my face when driving w/ the window open. This is all in addition to being pretty. Plus I crochet. I can see already how to make this in cotten and novelty yarns. Plus I can add crochet flowers to the combs. Gee, I see that you just inspired me and there is a contest going right now on Maggies Crochet.com called Heads-Up. It’s for Crochet Head Gear, hats ‘n things! Oh, perfect! And a purse to match, using your Chain Pouch ides. I’ll make sure to give you credit!

    • That is so cool Tracy! Will you send me a link to your entry when it’s finished? I would love to see it.

    • I found the side combs on etsy and the chain is from Michael’s. Thanks for coming by!

  4. A piece like this would go well with a dress I’m wearing to a wedding next week, but I don’t want to upstage the bride…lol. Seriously. Happy SITS day again. Enjoying your site SITStah!