{DIY} Nylon Cord Diamond Ring

DIY Nylon Cord Diamond Ring

On Sunday, after waiting in line and shopping Jason Wu for Target at 8 am with this gal, we had some time to kill before heading over to Craft Sabbath at 1 pm. Naturally our first stop was the Home Depot where we found this awesome cord in three great colors and one NASTY purple.

DIY Nylon Cord Diamond Ring 1

I snatched it up unsure of what I would make. Needless to say I’ve thought of a few things since so expect to see it a lot. First we will start with this awesome DIY Nylon Cord Diamond ring in honor of the upcoming holiday of romance.

You will need:

  • nylon cord in the color of your choice
  • a lighter
  • a cutting instrument such as scissors

First step, go here and follow this awesome video by the fabulous YouTube channel, TyingItAllTogether. As you tie it, make sure it will fit whatever finger it’s supposed to go on, whether it your own or your lovers. Mine is neon peach so obviously I’m making it for myself.

DIY Nylon Cord Diamond Ring 2

Now clearly you don’t want to roll around town in a ring with those strings hanging off of it so ever so carefully, cut the ends ONE AT A TIME, but not too close to the end of the knot.

DIY Nylon Cord Diamond Ring 3

Use the lighter to carefully melt the cut end and then press the hot metal part of the lighter into it so that it joins with the rest of the knot.

DIY Nylon Cord Diamond Ring 4

Repeat on the second side.

DIY Nylon Cord Diamond Ring 5

Voila! Now gentleman, no excuses not to propose this Valentine’s Day like a cheeseball because anyone can afford to DIY this ring 😉

DIY Nylon Cord Diamond Ring 6

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