{DIY} Paper Bead Necklace

So remember when I went to dinner at Alt Summit with the social media & marketing team of The Honest Company and they gave us all Cricut Minis? Yeah, it was awhile ago,  I’m a slacker. Anyways, I immediately knew I wanted to use it to make jewelry. You see, I love love LOVE the way a strand of flat circular beads move. I like the way they look, but I’m obsessed with the way they move when you wear it.  Every time I go to the gem faire in Salt Lake I pick up a couple of strands of vintage vinyl disc beads. You can see how rad they are here. But you know what is even thinner than vinyl? Paper!
DIY Paper Bead Necklace
This paper bead necklace is super easy to make. You will need:

  • A Cricut
  • Card stock in your color choice, I used 5 sheets of 65#
  • 21 inches of chain
  • Fishing line
  • 2 crimp beads
  • A bead crimper or needle nose pliers
  • Paper Bead Pattern for Cricut Craft Room (you can make your own bead pattern in Cricut Craft Room, or just download the one I’ve already made by clicking the link.

DIY Paper Bead Necklace Supplies
Download the pattern from above and upload to your Cricut Craft Room, to do that, log in and click the “My Projects” button in the top left corner. Then click, upload and select the file “paper beads” from where you saved it. Load up your paper and cut according to Cricut’s instructions.
DIY Paper Bead Necklace 1

Remove the edges and the beads. For my necklace I used 5 sheets of paper with 140 beads on each, the beaded part is 8 3/4 inch long. You can cut  more or less beads depending on how long you want it.

DIY Paper Bead Necklace 2

String the beads onto the fishing line. Once that’s done, string on one crimp bead.

DIY Paper Bead Necklace 3

Then string the end of your chain on. Pull the end of the fishing line back through the crimp bead and about an inch of the paper beads. Use your bead crimper or needle nose pliers to secure the crimp bead and trim the excess fishing line. Repeat the process on the other side.

Paper Bead Necklace with free Cricut Craft Room Patter

Voila! Ya dig?


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21 Responses to {DIY} Paper Bead Necklace

  1. Hah, now I see why you can’t wear it today. Paper and rain don’t mix well. 🙂 Love the necklace! The color is beautiful, and it looks so good.

  2. Wonder if you could laminate the paper and then cut it out to make it more rain resistant? Might hold up longer too!

  3. […] First off I have to say the blue color of this necklace is BEAUtiful! Seriously it caught my attention the moment I saw it. I love the deep, rich blue color, but then again I just love shades of blue.   Secondly, I was surprised that the beads are paper. Who knew thin paper could make jewelry look so good? Kristina did!  She designed this necklace using a tool that was surprising to me. When I think of what she used I think scrapbooking.  Are you curious to know how she made the beads?  You’ll have to read the tutorial and find out for yourself because I’m not telling, however I think you will be both impressed and inspired as I was.  Check it out and learn how Kristina made this unique Paper Bead Necklace. […]

  4. Thanks for this super diy, Kristiina; I just shared it on Facebook. I’ve read that Liquitex Varnish doesn’t change the look of paper in case anyone is interested in sealing it. Like you, I tend to prefer paper looking like paper when I make jewelry, but in really humid climates, it might help to protect the paper so it doesn’t curl.