{DIY} Perler Bead Statement Necklace

DIY Perler Bead Necklace | typical house cat
To end #perlerbeadweek and to round out your jewelry collection, I thought we’d end big, with biggie beads that is. You’ll notice how much larger these beads are than regular perler beads. The larger size make it much easier to make a larger piece like this.
Perler Beads Vs Biggie Beads
To make this design you will need:

DIY Perler Biggie Bead Necklace Pattern | typical house cat
Place the beads on the peg board according to the pattern above. You’ll want to make 2 mirror images and one small piece that is 2×2. Cover the pieces with the waxed paper and iron them on both sides according to instructions. They will be HOT. Carefully remove them.
DIY Perler Biggie Bead Necklace 1
Use the jump rings to attach the pieces together.
DIY Perler Biggie Bead Collar 2
Attach the cord to the ends, and you are all set!

What do you think? Do you like this 8-bit jewelry look?

5 Responses to {DIY} Perler Bead Statement Necklace

  1. I think the bracelet was my favorite perler bead project that you’ve done but I don’t always wear a necklace. It seems like a really doable project!