DIY Rope Clutch

DIY Knit Rope Clutch via @kristiinaand

DIY Rope Clutch via @kristiinaand
This DIY Rope clutch is super simple to make and even easier to personalize to your taste. Adjust the colors, size and style to fit your wardrobe. 
Supplies to make your own Knit Rope Clutch

To make this clutch you will need:

  • 100+ feet of paracord
  • Large knitting needles
  • A lighter
  • An S hook

Start out buy casting on 32 stitches.


Then, keep knitting until you get the desired height of your clutch. I did about 20 rows. Knit every row to get the garter stitch look seen here. Cast off leaving your self a fairly long tail. When you cut the end, use the lighter to burn the tip so that your rope doesn’t start to unravel. Lay your piece flat.


The fold it widthwise. Use the tail to sew the side shut and then around the bottom. If you happen to have a huge needle you could use it but as long as the end of your tail is burned, it’s pretty easy to just weave through with your fingers.


DIY Knit Rope Clutch 5When you reach the end, tie a good strong knot before cutting and burning the end. To make a clasp for your clutch, get a piece of paracord and create a loop with a knot as seen above. Use pliers to squeeze one loop of your S hook around the loop of rope.


Last, pull the S hook from the inside of the clutch to the back outside of it. Pull it all the way through until you reach the knot.


DIY Knit Rope Clutch
Wrap it around the clutch a couple of time and hook it where ever you land. What color will you do? Would you like a tutorial for a strap? Let me know below in the comments.

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