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DIY Seashell Embellished Headphones | typical house cat
I’ve wanted a pair of embellished headphones for quite sometime now, but the truth is, rhinestones, just really aren’t my thang. So, I just about peed my pants with excitement when I came up with this idea while I was taking my Epoxy Clay Artistry Class from Craftsy. The last tutorial I used epoxy clay in we didn’t really use the adhesive qualities of the clay. This time, we’re depending on it.

Epoxy clay was originally used in plumbing. It’s great because once you mix it, its sticky for the first 30-45 minutes and once it’s fully cured 24 hours later, it becomes a part of whatever you stuck it to. You can use it to embed crystals, stones, metal, or in our case seashells.
DIY Seashell Headphones Supplies: shells, apoxie sculpt in white, skullcandy headphones

You will need:

DIY Seashell Skullcandy Headphones 1
Put some of the shells in a baggie and use your hammer to crush them up. Set aside.
Use the silly putty to determine how much clay you will need to cover your headphones.
Next up, use your Silly Putty to determine how much of the epoxy clay you will need cover one of your headphones. When you figure out the correct amount. Divide it into two even balls. This is how you’ll know how much of the white apoxie sculpt you will need and how much of the activator or part b you will need.
Make sure you get even amounts of the epoxy clay and the activator and mix the clay gently with your fingers.
Make a small ball of the white apoxie sculpt and a matching one of activator. Gently mix them with your fingers. The epoxy clay is activated by warmth so use the least amount of friction you can. It will start to get really sticky as you mix it.
You will know your clay is fully mixed when all of the marbling is gone and you have an even color. Apply it to your headphone.
You will know the clay is fully mixed when all of the marbling is gone and you have an even color. You may want to wash your hands at the point so that you don’t get the clay someplace you don’t want it, once it’s cured, it’s there for life.  Apply it to your head phone. You don’t need to use any additional adhesive. The epoxy clay will do the work for you.
Embed the seashells. Use the crushed shells to fill in the gaps.
Embed the seashells into the clay. Once you have them all on there, use the crushed shell to fill in the gaps and cover the epoxy clay. Allow that side to cure for 24 hours before repeating the process on the next side.
DIY Seashell Headphones
That’s it! Once both sides have cured the full 24 hours your headphones are ready to use. Think you’ll try personalizing your own?

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  1. I don’t even have any headphones, but I’ve been wanting a pair for vacations. This is so cute. I used to love seashells from going to the beach in Savannah when I was growing up. This seems easy and fun enough. Cute project as always!