DIY Tassel Bracelets

DIY Tassel Bracelets
These tassel bracelets are easy to make. They’ll hold up to wear and tear better than most tassels because of the Chinese Knotting Cord used to make them.

I originally planned to make them in bright colors to layer with my fishtail and wavy friendship bracelets. But then the metallic colors of cord looked so good with the gold bracelets that I couldn’t resist. Neon will come later.
DIY Tassel Bracelet Supplies
To make these you will need:

  • A set of bangles, I got mine at H&M for $5.
  • Chinese Knotting Cord, you can find it here, I got mine at the Gem Faire but really you don’t need much.
  • As many end caps as you want to make tassels, also seen here.
  • Jump rings large enough to fit around your bangles.
  • Strong glue such as E6000
  • Pliers to open and close your jump rings
  • Scissors

DIY Tassel Bracelet Step 1
Wrap the cord around your hand about twenty times, and slide it off your hand.
DIY Tassel Bracelets Step 2
The Chinese knotting cord is pretty stiff so you can set it down and take a second piece to tie a double knot around the top and hold it all in place.
DIY Tassel Bracelets Step 3
Then, put a dot of glue on the inside of the end cap and insert the knot end of the tassel. Let it dry.
DIY Tassel Bracelets Step 4
Once it is dry, use sharp scissors to snip all the loops. Then trim the ends so they are even. Last you just need to use your jump rings to attach the tassels to some of your bracelets.
DIY Tassel Bracelets
And that’s it! What do you think?

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  1. Hi Kristina,
    You are a DIY blogger. Your bracelets look great. Your blog is a great way to generate interest in them.
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