{DIY} Tassel Fan inspired by Louis Vuitton

Inspiration. I was in a waiting room flipping through fashion magazines when I saw this Louis Vuitton fan. I snapped a picture because I knew I had to try and create something similar.

You will need:
• paper fan
• tassel *If you can’t find a long tassel near you, (I couldn’t) check out this post on CRAFT, you can make your own using embroidery floss instead of yarn.
• safety pin
• jump ring
• glossy black paint
• sponge brush
• spray paint
• lace


1. Using wire cutters remove the post holding your fan together.


2. Lay the fan out and using the sponge brush paint the wooden posts glossy black. Let dry. Repeat on the other side. This is a good time to paint your safety pin black to match if you want. I also thing a gold or copper safety pin would look rad.


3. Use tape and paper to cover and protect the areas you painted black. Lay the lace over the fan area.


4. Using the spray paint spray over the lace-covered area evenly and then remove the lace. Let it dry. You can repeat in the other side or leave it plain. It’s not exactly like lace or Louis Vuitton but who needs logos anyways?


5. Use the jump ring to connect the tassel to the safety pin, thread the pin through the holes of the fan and close it. Using pliers, pinch the opening to the safety pin closed to secure it. If you painted your safety pin, use more paint to touch it up and let it dry.




I can’t remember what magazine the fan was in, sorry! But all pics are snapped by yours truly.



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