{DIY} The Lunch Clutch a la Jill Sander

DIY Jil Sander Lunch Clutch
Here you go folks, my version of the lunch clutch. I used one of the most amazing fabrics, waxed canvas, to make it. I first of heard of it from one of my favorite lines Vaute Couture. It’s an amazing fabric that wears similar to leather. To make this you will need:

  • DIY Lunch Clutch Pattern, click to download.
  • 2 magnets
  • Super glue or the like.
  • Waxed canvas, I got mine on Etsy.
  • Sewing notions: needle, thread, pins, sewing machine, scissors etc…

The first thing to keep in mind when working with waxed canvas, is that you CANNOT iron it. So, it’s going to come with some wrinkles and creases. Smooth it out as best as you can before you begin to cut. I still used an iron to help with the creases, I just didn’t plug it in so it was cold. It still worked.
DIY Jill Sander Lunch Clutch 1
First, cut out the fabric according to the provided pattern. I cut them out one at a time even though I needed two of the same piece. Waxed canvas is very thick and cutting them out one at a time helps keep it accurate. Once you get all of the pieces cut, take the side pieces and fold them in half to create a crease down the middle.
DIY Jil Sander Lunch Clutch 2
Next, fold the bottom of the side panel up to mark the top of the triangle on the pattern.
DIY Jil Sander Lunch Clutch 3
Then, use those to folds as guides to create the diagonal folds. Make sure they are very creased, as this is going to help create the paper bag look in your finished bag. Set the sides aside.
DIY Jil Sander Lunch Clutch 4
Sew the front and the back to the bottom of the bag. Use your cold iron to flat and press the seams.
DIY Jil Sander Lunch Clutch 5
Line the first side up to sew on. Use pins to mark were the seams are so that you don’t sew over them. If you do, you won’t be turn your bag from being inside out. Once both sides are attached, use your cold iron to press the seams again.
DIY Jil Sander Lunch Clutch 6
Then, sew up the sides. This is going to be tricky on a machine. If you use a sewing machine, make sure you are using a heavy-duty needle to get through all of the layers. Once your done, turn it right side out and fold it like a paper bag. Press it  so that it’s starts to crease in the correct places.
DIY Jil Sander Lundch Clutch 7
You can finish the top edge if you like but I liked the unfinished look so I left mine. Use glue to attach magnets on the inside at the top, let dry according to the instructions on the glue.
You are all done!  Next, I want to figure out to create an embossed gold logo on it as a finishing touch. What do you think, as good as the real thing?

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  1. I’ve never heard of waxed canvas before but I totally love the look of it. The bag is cute but I still can’t use a sewing machine. one day. Maybe.