{DIY} Washi Tape Note Pad

DIY Washi Notepad | typical house cat

So guys, this may be the simplest DIY ever, but I was so sick of my boring note pad in meetings that I had to do something. Because sometimes, you just need pretty office supplies, am I right?
To make it you will need:

  • A notepad
  • Some thick washi tape, I don’t know if it is technically “washi” tape but Scotch has some really pretty patterned masking tape these days. That is what I used.
  • Paint Β and paint brush (optional)


First, we’ll go over the optional part. The tape is pretty thin so if you have any writing on the top of your notepad you’ll want to paint over it in a nice neutral color or white. Let it try completely before proceeding.


Next tape over the back and trim the edge, then tape of the front and fold the extra over the edges before trimming. Voila! A notepad that will no longer bore you to tears. Now tell me, do you like to spruce up your office supplies? Or am I alone in this freakdom?

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7 Responses to {DIY} Washi Tape Note Pad

  1. Um. Love this! I will now allow myself to buy ugly and cheap notepads because of this! Thanks
    Xo from the school/office supply nerd! πŸ˜‰

  2. Love it! I have an office supply obsession anyway, but pretty is always better!! Fire Mountain Gems has pretty patterened duct tapes that would work great for this too.