Dreamy Camera Bag

It’s a dream come true, a beautiful camera bag that looks like a purse AND it’s made of “water-resistant, high-quality synthetic leather”. I found Epiphanie camera bags by googling “pretty camera bags”, after all, most are all so terrifyingly ugly. I held my breath as I clicked on the beautiful bag, practically praying it wouldn’t be real leather, when I saw that it wasn’t I could hardly contain my joy!

I’m absolutely in love with the style, Stella, shown above. Make sure to check out their website, there are lots of different styles and they are all full of practical compartments to keep your photography equipment safe. I’ve never been so excited to pack up my camera and go exploring!

Image via here.

6 Responses to Dreamy Camera Bag

    • I know exactly what you are talking about! We’ve all had them at one time or another. I’m just thrilled to have some options.

  1. You should also check out THEIT camera bags as well. That’s the one I own, and I love it! It goes with everything I own and I can use it as a purse as well. Best part is the bag is vegan.