The Ears Have it.

Remember the last time ear cuffs were cool? That’s right, it was the 90’s. Now ear cuffs are back and they are whole lot more lux and not at all grunge.
9 Ear Cuffs
We’ll start at the top and move clockwise with the GIVENCHY Magnetic Tooth Earring in Pale Gold, it’s technically not a cuff but since it’s magnetic, you can wear it anywhere on your ear and not just your lobe. Therefore, I vote it counts. Next in the wheel of ear cuffs is the Filigree Leaf Ear Cuff. From there, we continue on to one of my favorites, the Gold Aztec Ear Cuff. Next there is the caged ear cuff, that sold out while I was writing this post, I’ll update it with a link if it shows back up. Moving on we have the  A Peace Treaty Neath Ear Ornament, it’s SUPER cool on and looks like a spike going through your ear, LOVE. If you continue round the wheel you will find the Mania Mania Telepathic Ear Cuff, I love the hanging crystal on this one. The next two are ear cuffs combined with hair chains, the first one, the Double Chain Ear Cuff, hooks round both of your ears and the chains can either hang around your neck or behind your hair, it looks better than it sounds. The second one is the Crystal Ear Cuff & Comb, it hooks around your ear and then the comb can be used to pull back part of your hair. Lastly, is the Jacquie Aiche Ball Chain Ear Cuff, which really is my favorite because of the simplicity of the design.

Now tell me, is this a trend you will try?

2 Responses to The Ears Have it.

  1. I used to wear ear cuffs when I was 12 or so– I thought it made me look rebellious… but I don’t think I’ll try this fad now that it’s been brought back.