{Eating SLC} Oh Mai!

Oh Mai

If you follow my personal Instagram, then you know I eat pho like 4 nights a week, I had to stop ‘gramming it because it would take over my feed. We eat it THAT much. We make it at home too but one of my favorite places is to get it is Oh Mai. They have a huge menu with pho (rice noodle soup), Bahn Mi (Vietnamese sandwiches), and Bun (vermicelli noodles). Everything is delicious and they have tons of gluten-free and vegan options.

Vegan Gluten Free Bahn Mi | Oh Mai | Salt Lake City

When we go, the FH and I split a vegan GF Bahn Mi and each get a bowl of vegan pho. If you CAN eat wheat, I would say go for the regular Bahn Mi. Once I cheated and it was amazing. Like, completely worth the break out and gastrointestinal issues that followed. It is incredibly awesome that the offer in a lettuce wrap. I love them for it. As far as I know, they are the only place that offers gluten-free.

The other reason why I love Oh Mai so much is that they use little baby bok choys instead of broccoli like a lot of places. AND they also use baked tofu, instead of deep-fried so you don’t feel all greasy after you eat an entire bowl. Which you will, because it’s awesome.

Vegan Pho | Oh Mai | Salt Lake City

It’s served “Southern” style with bean sprouts, lime, jalapeño and Thai Basil.

Southern Style Vegan Pho | Oh Mai | Salt Lake City

The other thing I love about Oh Mai, is of course, the check! For two hungry people, it’s quite small.

The check | Oh Mai | Salt Lake City

Any other pho-natics out there? Or is there something else you prefer to eat for dinner 4 nights a week?

3 Responses to {Eating SLC} Oh Mai!

  1. Ok, I seriously want some vegan pho now! 🙂 That seems like a great place to go with great prices. I know what you mean about instagram. I eat so much kale salad with roasted chickpeas, that I’m like…should I really post another one? It’s hard not to wanna share stuff that you really enjoy a lot.

  2. The food looks amazing! We really don’t eat out much but sometimes I take shots of my own food. I actually want to get better at taking more instagram photos of my food. I think it’s a good accountability tool.

  3. Love the name, Oh-Mai! I’m intrigued – Pho 4 nights a week?! That bowl of Pho looks so delicious – and wow, the Pho bowls are pretty cheap! And yes, I would love some Pho or noodle soups everyday!