Eco-Friendly Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Picks

Here are my top Eco-friendly fashion picks for Spring and Summer this year.

Eco-Friendly Spring 2012 Picks


From the top right: Chinti and Parker over-sized organic cotton T, Nudie Kelly Organic Pure Skinny Jeans, Vaute Couture Friends Not Test Subjects Racerback, People Tree Lora Dot Dress, H&M Organic Cotton Dress, Organic by John Patrick Muscle Dress, People Tree Coral Dragonfly over-sized Tee, Mink Blowfish Heel, Matt and Nat Malone Handbag, Native Miller Slip-On Shoes, Mink Cell Phone Case, Pact Striped Boy Shorts.

All of the items are Eco-friendly is one way or another, either organic cotton or made from recycled materials. I consider the Mohop wedges Eco-friendly because they have interchangeable uppers which means you never need to buy another pair of wedges!

This is my entry into a contest on The Kind Life to be a fashion correspondent for Alicia Silverstone, wish me luck!

[Uppity UPDATE June 26, 2012] I was one of the five selected to be a fashion correspondent!!! Whooop! I’ll let you all know when my first post is up. So excited.  -ks

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